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Welcome to CrystalVoxx Ltd

CrystalVoxx Ltd provides comprehensive and high-tech healthcare services to American healthcare service providers. We specialize in streamlining medical support services in full compliance with HIPAA regulations. Driven by an experienced team of expert billing professionals, we offer flexible and confidential outsourcing services.

CrystalVoxx Ltd is operating since 2002.

CrystalVoxx Ltd, a company whom doctors trust!

Our aim is to provide high quality services generating optimal revenue for our clients with integrity, honesty and in compliance with the laws and regulations of our industry.

To build and sustain our reputation as a leading service provider delivering high quality services consistently. We will achieve our vision with continuous training utilizing advanced technologies.

To continuously build on our reputation of being a highly reliable service provider. To raise the bars of services with proactive steps. To deliver excellence with the help of evolving technologies.

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Life @ Crystalvoxx Ltd

Enabling employees with a delightful work environment and with plenty of opportunities to learn and explore the new technology. We encourage our employees to attain their personal and professional goals by improving their competence and productivity.

At Crystalvoxx Ltd, we have an employee-friendly HR policy in place in terms of leaves, employee benefits, work hours, flexible shift timings, etc.